Monday, November 23, 2009

4 months!!

I cant believe that my little Chadder Bug is already 4 months old! He is getting so big each and every day! The time seems to be flying by so much faster than it did when we only had Gibson. Maybe with two kids there is just so much more to do that you don't really realize how quickly the time is actually passing you by. Here is little man by his bear like usual. They are officially the same size, and Chad will soon be overtaking him I am sure.

We don't go in for our 4 month appt till Dec 8th... but so far here is what we know,

Chad is:

  • Grabbing at toys above him
  • Loving tummy time
  • Rolling onto both sides, but still not rolling all the way over yet
  • Eating 6 ounces at almost every feeding; every three hours
  • Sleeping through the night!!! (YEAH!)
  • Watching his big brothers every movement... he already loves Gibson so much!

He weighs around 15lbs, give or take. Since we haven't been to the doc yet its really hard to tell on our old baby scale that Gerod's mom gave us. Either way he is one sturdy little boy, and he continues to grow each and every day!

I will update again after our doctors appt on the 8th.

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Megan and David said...

Where is the time going? I still can't believe he weighs more than Paige and he is three months younger lol. However I will say Paige has been eating more so Chad better watch out...Paige is catching up haha