Thursday, October 29, 2009


Gibson had an appointment today with a speech pathologist and a child development specialist about his issue with talking. Unfortunately he is pretty far behind, as we suspected.
After running numerous language and development tests on him, as well as asking me questions we found out that he is at about a 10 month old level for speech, but his understanding of language is that of a 21 month old. He is obviously behind in both, but most concerning is the speech. We have been aware of his talking problems for a while now, and are gladly accepting help from an amazing program that sends people to your home to work with your child.
Sometime in the next week we will have someone come to the house to setup another appt with our very own speech pathologist who will work consistently with Gibson on getting his speech up to the level it needs to be at. They said that this is something that happens more frequently than people think, so its nothing to be too terribly concerned about, but we want to get him as much help as we can before he goes off to school and is far behind the other students.
Hopefully he will get better with the speech with lots of help and encouragement from all of our family and friends. I will keep everyone updated on his progress!

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grancinpapaw said...

Praise God that our precious Gibson is OK - just behind!!! He is going to be fine - he will catch up quickly!!! We know he will. He is such a smart little dude - we know that the speech therapist that is assigned to him is the one that God wants him to have!!! Thank you God that he is OK! That is the biggest answer to our prayer!!! Of course, we knew it all along, it just made us feel better when we got that confirmation!

And when those words start coming and don't stop, it will be awesome!!!

Love you guys so much!!!

Granci & Papaw