Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dr. Phil show... Stay-At-Home vs. Working??

On today's Dr.Phil show he talked to both Stay-At-Home and Working mothers. It was quite the controversy which is the best way to raise your children.
I have been in both roles and see the good in both. When Gibson was born I worked until he was around 5 months old, after which I had an in-home daycare with 4 other kids just to make a little extra income for the house. After I found out I was pregnant with Chad I decided I would stop caring for other peoples children because I knew that two of my own would be enough of a challenge so I closed my in-home daycare about 5 months before Chad was born. Now I am at home most of the time... duties include the obvious, changing diapers, feeding, bathing, cleaning house, laundry and so much more sometimes. I feel like I should be paid for all that I do at home, and I am sure many other stay at home mothers can relate.
I love being a stay at home mom to both of my boys, but at times I feel like I am isolated from the outside world... thank goodness for the Internet which has become my outlet.
There was a mom on the show that talked about how wrong it was for mothers to go outside the home and work, and that it was bad for their children to be raised by someone other than the parent... that it was selfish. I cant disagree more with this woman's comments. There are so many families out there that have two working parents, because its the only way they can make ends meet. I don't feel like it is our right to judge others without knowing their situation.
It is such a hard choice to decided whether or not to stay home with your children, I am just glad that I am able to stay home with mine.
However, as much as I love my boys and being with them all the time, sometimes I feel like I just need a break. I personally have a direct sales business selling jewelry and I am able to get out of the house a few times a week to do home jewelry shows which helps me get some much needed "adult conversation", as well as a bit of a break from being in my house all the time.
My only hope is that whatever situation we are in that my boys are growing and thriving in the very best way possible. I hope that I can continue to stay home with them and see them change and grow every single day, but if God has other plans for me in the future I will roll with those punches. I only hope that in the future mothers don't criticize other mothers for their choices in this matter.

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Skaggs Family said...

I totally agree with you. I think it's a blessing to be able to stay home, but if that means that you are struggling to keep a roof over your head and food on the table, its noble of a Mother to do what she has to do, even if it means going to work. And for the Moms who just want to work, to each their own! I do see what you mean about being home and stuck in the house all day everyday and needing adult conversation. that is my main stuggle now. im trying to find things to do with an 8 mo. old that are free or really inexpensive!!