Thursday, October 22, 2009

RIP Dell...

Our laptop finally had a heart-attack and sadly passed away... well not really but we got fed up having to fix it so many times, and since the thing was an ancient 5+ years old we decided to get a new one.
We went to Best Buy to compare brands, and we FREAKED OUT when we saw that prices started at $10,000+ dollars. Gerod said they should fly for that amount. Finally we pulled an associate over to figure out the atrocious prices, to which we found out that because on the Windows 7 launch on the 22nd they wouldn't be able to sell the computers, and therefore had to list them at ridiculous prices so people wouldn't be able to buy them.
So today, we finally got a brand new laptop. I am still figuring things out on this thing, and I wont be able to upload photos till I get my camera's program loaded on here.
Until then, I am glad to actually be able to check my email... I have felt like I have been completely out of the loop for the past week. Amazing that ten years ago I wouldn't have cared if I was without a computer for a month let alone a week. Technology has truly taken over!

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