Tuesday, October 27, 2009

All about me...

Saw this on another friends blog, and since I still have yet to setup my photo software I figured I would do a post that doesn't need pictures... although I promise to get it set up soon. :)


I AM... a mother to two beautiful baby boys, and a wife to a wonderful man.

I WANT... to finish a ton of projects at my house... the biggest one being the wall in my dining room which I will be filling with black and white photos of our family, especially the kiddos. I haven't really even started it except to hang the saying on the wall "All because two people fell in love"

I HAVE... everything I could ever ask for, and amazing family and a blessed life.

I KEEP... way too many clothes that don't fit anymore in hopes that I will fit into them again. I know they say that's not the best thing to do... but I cant help but hope that one day my pre-pregnancy body will return. I am not overweight really... its just that things have shifted, and if you are a mother you know what I mean. I think there are some things I will never be able to wear again, but I still hold on to hope. ;)

I WISH... for all the best for my children; now and in the future.

I FEAR... anything bad happening to my loved ones.

I HEAR... Gibson playing in his room instead of taking the nap he is supposed to be taking. lol.

I DON'T... like house work... period! I sometimes wish I had a live in maid that would pick up after me like my mom did when I was a kid. Maybe it would make it easier if I got paid to clean our home?!?

I REGRET... not much of anything actually.

I LOVE... my family!!

I AM NOT... good at giving up my addiction for Dr. Pepper... I have tried many a time before and it never works out for me. I have to say though that I am not, and never have been, addicted to anything else... but Dr. Pepper is a tough thing for me to get rid of. Since I started my diet I have been drinking diet DP... but still have yet to kick the habit.

I DANCE... not near as much as I would like. For about half my life I lived in a dance studio that my mom came into owning. I miss all the girls I danced with so much... we were definitely like family to each other back then, and I have sadly come to the realization that I haven't talked to most of them in a very long time. I wish I could be a part of something like that again. Maybe one day.

I SING... in the car or at church. I usually try not to sing by myself because I am really not that good. Even Gibson sometimes looks at me funny when I try to sing along to the radio in the car. I am sure he is thinking that his mommy cant quite carry a tune. I sing at church because it gets my spirit ready for the sermon, and I love the songs... plus its really hard to hear me over everyone else, and I know God doesn't mind that I don't sing well. ;)

I NEVER... remember where my phone or purse is. I always have to ask where those two items are. Maybe one of these days I will put them in the same place every time I set them down, and I wont have trouble finding them. I chalk some of this problem up to being pregnant and so called "losing brain cells".... but mostly I am just forgetful!

I CRY... frequently. I am a very emotional person, and pretty much anything can get the tears-a-flowin'. I cried last night watching the Biggest Loser... in fact I think I cry every time I watch that show.

I NEED... a bigger SUV! We have a Tahoe right now, which should be enough, but when we travel with two kids... golf clubs, luggage, a pack'n'play and all the other items needed for our family on a trip the Tahoe is just too small.

I SHOULD... be doing the last remaining laundry... but I don't really feel like it.

Happy Thursday to everyone!!

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