Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tomorrow is the day!

Sorry no pictures for this post... the camera is all packed up in the hospital bag already! I don't want to take a chance on forgetting it since its pretty important to me to get lots of pics of our newest addition.
So tomorrow is the day! I am being induced tomorrow morning at 7:30am *hopefully*. The hospital we are delivering at is one of the best in the city, and for some reason is always very crowded so I hope we don't have any issues getting in for the induction.
If things go like they did with Gibson we should be having the baby sometime around 5:00/6:00pm (if not possibly a little earlier). We absolutely cant wait to meet Chad, and I promise just as soon as I am able I will be posting pictures of the sweet little boy!


Skaggs Family said...

how exciting!!! Happy and safe delivery, can't wait to see his cute lil face!

Rachel Hatley said...

Well, every delivery is different, but hopefully this labor/delivery won't be as long. That's always nice. Let's hope it's not Saturday before he gets here! LOL! Can't wait to see pix!! Love you guys!!

Two of a Kind said...

Good luck! Can't wait to see the little guy!