Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Maternity Pics... and nearly 38 weeks!

We are SO close to meeting Chad now, only 9 more days till the induction date. I have been having quite a few painful contractions, and a lot of lower back pain but none of the contractions are regular yet. I am progressing at each visit, which the doctor said is a good sign, but there is no telling if I will go into labor on my own or end up having this baby at induction time.
Currently the doc said I am measuring 41 weeks... YES... I said 41 weeks, as I stated before I wont be 38 weeks till Saturday. YIKES!! He said he thinks the baby will be around 9lbs 6oz to 9lbs 8oz, WOW! I am nervous about the possibility of having to have a c-section because of the size of the baby, but the doctor knows that I would prefer natural birth so hopefully we can stick to that course of action.
We took some maternity pictures this evening, and got a couple Family shots (pre-Chad of course) as well. I thought they all turned out pretty adorable so I thought I would share.

Our little family Another of the Family...
Gibson showing Mommy "where the baby is"
Gibson giving the baby sweet kisses
I love this picture
I "heart" my baby belly
So Sweet!
Only 9 more days and I will be holding him in my arms!
I promise to update as soon as anything happens, or if we end up having to go to the hospital earlier than planned! WE CANT WAIT TO MEET YOU CHAD!!!


Suzanne said...

Great pictures Callie!! I'll be thinking about you guys and keeping you in my prayers, of course!!

Skaggs Family said...

those pics are so beautiful! and technically chad is in them hehe! Wishin you a quick and safe labor! :o)