Friday, June 5, 2009

Nearly 33 weeks!

Oh my goodness... Am I really this big?? Holy COW! Literally... that's what I feel like... a COW! That's okay though, I know my second little man should be just a huge as his big brother, maybe not as big *here's to hoping*?!? I am feeling as well as I can right now, just running out of space in the belly, and I am having some breathing problems which is very typical at this point.
Another appt next week, and then one more two week wait between appts, then we start the weekly appts. I cant believe we are already this close! Chad will be here before we know it!!

Gibson... GET READY! You're going to be a big brother before too much longer.


Two of a Kind said...

You look so cute! I miss my baby belly : )

The Ratpack said...

wow!! I can't believe how big your belly is! You still look adorable though! A glowing mama! I would be in sweatpants and without makeup!