Sunday, June 28, 2009

36 weeks and counting...

We are getting closer and closer to the due date! Chad should be here before we know it! Definitely getting bigger and bigger each and every day. My last doctors visit confirmed my fears when the doc said that he thinks this baby might be bigger than Gibson was, so possibly over 8lbs 11oz. This is one time I hope the doctor is wrong! Either way I am just ready for his arrival.

We started working on the hospital bag on Friday night, and should have it all taken care of and in place close to the door in case we need to make a mad dash to the hospital. We will again be scheduling an induction which should be less than three weeks from now... boy does that put things into perspective.

The time is ticking away, and soon we will be a family of four instead of a family of three. Big adjustments are in order... for all of us, but we are really ready for this new chapter.

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Two of a Kind said...

oh Callie you are too cute! Bad timing for this big heat wave, huh : )