Monday, January 19, 2009

Finally in the Second Trimester!!!

I am officially 13 weeks (and two days) and am finally in the second trimester. The first was pretty much a breeze, with little nausea, and no sickness at all! I am hoping for the same the rest of the pregnancy! I am definitely getting a little bigger... but I dont think I am quite brave enough to post pics of the ever growing belly... Maybe at 15 or 16 weeks I will get some out.

Baby #2 is approx the size of a peach and is growing rapidly according to all my pregnancy information online and in books. We cant wait to find out if Gibson will be getting a little sister or a little brother... either way we are very excited about adding to the family. We find out for sure whether this is a boy or a girl on February 24th... which seems like forever away! I wish it would get here sooner!!! :( Gerod and I are both thinking this one is a girl because everything has been different this time around... and I have had this feeling that I will be getting to buy some pink since we found out we were pregnant again. I guess we will know before too long now.

Just wanted to update everyone on the pregnancy. Things are going well, and our next appt is February 2nd... maybe he will do an ultrasound and we can sneek a peak at the sex? :) Here's to hoping!

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Two of a Kind said...

Yay for the second tri!! AND hopefully getting a sneak peak at baby Black part 2!