Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bundle up baby!

It is absolutely freezing outside... literally! The rain/snow is coming down and pelting against my windows. It isnt a hard rain/snow... but none the less it is making me sad that I cant enjoy the bright sunshine, and some decent weather! I hope that it gets better tomorrow, and with this being Oklahoma, you just never know what could happen. One day your wearing 8 layers of clothing and the next day you could wear shorts! This is why people like me get sick!!

Baby update... I am just over 14 weeks and I am starting to feel the smallest movements, and I could swear I have felt him/her kick at least two different times... but then it wont happen again for a few days and I think I was thinking too much into it, and it never really happened. We are getting ever so close to finding out what this little one will be and I cant wait! Only 28 days left! Our next appt was rescheduled from February 2nd to February 5th and I am getting anxious to get in. I am half hoping that the doctor will see the need to do an u/s so that I could maybe find out a little early what we are having?!? Yeah right... wont happen. But a girl can dream cant she?

Gibson just turned 16 months on Monday... oh my gosh does time fly??? I cant believe that my baby is getting further and further away from being a baby anymore. We had to lower his bed to the lowest level, and I have a feeling that before too long we will be adding the toddler rail to it. I have officially decided that I will most likely cry that day. He is talking all the time, and we are enjoying him so much! Its amazing the things they learn each and every day. Something new shows up constantly and I can tell that he is absorbing everything. The smile on his face lets me know we are doing things right, but man I wish we could slow this thing called "growing up" down for at least another year or so?!? Do you think God could make an exception just this once?

I promise I will get better on keeping everyone up to date on things from now on... just not too much to report for the time being. I will be posting a belly pic as soon as I can get Gerod to take it. Until then, everyone enjoy their afternoon! We will be enjoying the night in because of the cold weather, and may just have to start up the fire when Gerod gets home from work!

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Two of a Kind said...

Yay! Can't wait for the belly pic!!