Wednesday, January 28, 2009

25 Random Things About Me!

1. I love Cherry Vanilla Cream Dr. Peppers from Sonic!

2. I am absolutely obsessed with lotion. I have to put it on my feet every night before I can even put my feet under the covers, and then sometimes I have to put on a second coat before I can fall asleep.

3. I am addicted to ginger citrus sugar scrub from Arbonne. Its amazing!

4. I didnt wear jewelry all that often until I started working my Premier Designs business. Now you can just call me the jewelry lady!

5. I cant stand white walls in my house, thats why every single room is different color!

6. My favorite color is green.

7. I would love to be a labor and delivery nurse someday, I just need to find the time between my son and my baby that is on the way to go to nursing school.

8. When I travel I usually have to take about 4 to 5 different pairs of shoes. You never know what kind of shoes you will be "in the mood" for.

9. I am addicted to shoes... I couldnt even tell you how many I have... refer to #8

10. I love scrapbooking even though I havent worked on Gibson's book since he turned one!

11. I love things being organized and cleaned, but I am terrible at getting or keeping them that way!

12. My biggest pet peave is "eye boogers" or whatever you prefer to call them.

13. I have to admit that I watch Biggest Loser while consuming dinner that would definitely not be recommended by either of the trainers on the show!

14. I cant stand it when restaraunts put lemons in water... I always request water without lemon!

15. I have bi-focals.

16. I dont like drinking out of a cup without a straw.

17. In 6th grade I sprained my ankel from falling off a pair of clogs the wrong way. Totally un-cool telling people that is why I was on crutches.

18. I hate the sound of chalk on a chalk board, why cant everyone just use the dry erase boards?

19. I am absolutely obsessed with taking pictures of my son!

20. I dont know why texting is such a big deal to everyone. I would much rather just talk on the phone like a normal person.

21. I have been to Brazil, Uruguay, Scotland, England, Ireland, Mexico, Grand Cayman, and Jamaica.

22. I have always wanted to go completley blonde, but I am too nervous!

23. I played tennis back in jr high and part of highschool... although I was never very good, and would probably not be able to pick it up again if I tried.

24. I loved the Twilight Series and read all four books in only one week.

25. This was a really long survey and I am surprised I even found this many random facts about myself!

I tag YOU if you haven't participated in this activity yet! :)


Two of a Kind said...

Fun!! I did just did it - and it is kind of hard!

The Ratcliffs said...

I am soooo much like you!! Like 10 of those I could have written!