Saturday, January 31, 2009

15 weeks!!!

I am officially 15 weeks today... Sooo... Here is a belly pic!
I hope everyone enjoys!

Also... I am feeling the baby move! No kicks or anything quite yet, but I definitely can tell when he/she is moving around in there. I have been using my ever faithful doppler since I got it in, and melt every time I hear the heartbeat. It's amazing how someone I have never met, or to this day even seen a good ultrasound of, can mean so much to me. My next appt is Feb 5th... which I assume will just be another normal appt including hearing the heartbeat, and so on. From this point on, I will make a good effort to post belly pics every week or so, depending on when I can get Gerod to take my photo! ;)


The Ratcliffs said...

Soo cute! I can't wait to find out of its a boy or a girl!

Suzanne said...

you look so cute!!

Two of a Kind said...

Awww - cute little bump! I am dying to know girl or boy!!

katie beth said...

Cute blog! And cute baby bump!