Monday, September 6, 2010

Bath Time Boys!!

The boys LOVE bath time!! They hear the word bath and absolutely freak out and run to their bath room and wait at the door till we let them in. Both of them love to splash, and usually by the end of the bath the room is completely soaked, and so is whoever gives the bath that night. I love that the boys both love their bath time as much as they do.
The other morning I snapped a few pictures of my happy little guys during bath time! Their smiling faces tell just how much fun they are having!
Here is BUG!!! :) Getting bigger and bigger every single day!And Gibson... look at those eyes and big smile! :) Love it!
Lots to be done this week as we are leaving on Thursday to head down to Texas to drop off the boys at Granci and Papaws house and meet my parents to go on our cruise! Gerod and I are so excited to be going on a nice vacation for the first time since our honeymoon. Although we are sad to be leaving the boys for over 7 days we are excited to get some adult time for more than just an hour or two of a date night. :) Cant wait!!

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