Monday, September 20, 2010

Cruisin' Baby!

We just got back from an AMAZING cruise in the Eastern Carribbean! It was so much fun. My husband Gerod and I cruised for 7 days with my parents who are getting ready to celebrate 29 years of marriage in February.

We ate lunch on Friday at the airport BWW... MMM... Good! FREE drinks Happy Hour at our hotel was GREAT!
Dressed and ready to be picked up by the bus that took us to the port where the ship was located.
After an hour and a half long ride from the hotel to the ship, in a bus without AC *YUCK*, we finally were able to board the ship!
Yeah for ice cold drinks with my Mom!
Picture time with my adorable hubby!
Henna tattoos with my mom... they were supposed to last 2-3 weeks but instead barely lasted a day! I think we were ripped off!! But they were cute while they lasted.
Hanging out with Mom in Nassau!
My wonderful parents... 28 years of marriage! Amazing!
Gerod and I all dressed up for the first Elegant night in our dining room
Hanging out before the comedy hour in the Comedy Lounge aboard the ship
Eating... I think we did this 50% of the time!
Hanging with my Daddy!
Me and my Hubby! ;)
In front of the ship
Hanging out beach side in St. Maarten
Loving the beach with my man!
Ready for our snorkeling excursion in St. Thomas... *pictures of the excursion to be posted later*
In St. Thomas... it was GORGEOUS!!
All dressed up for our Steakhouse dinner aboard the ship.
Another formal night.... hanging out in the theater before the last show of the cruise
We clean up nice!
Going out to the comedy club and the casino for the night.
At the airport on our way home.
We had a blast on the cruise, but after about 5 days we were really missing the boys. We are so glad that we decided to go on this vacation though. We really needed some time alone together without the kids, even though we thought about them constantly and missed them terribly. It was nice to have a break for a short while, and the boys had a blast with their cousins Taylor and Evan and their Aunt Casey and Uncle Rick back in Texas. We wont be taking another long trip away for a while, but Gerod has already been checking out cruise info since we got home. We definitely will do this again before another 5 years passes, but we plan on sticking around home for a long time before we leave the boys for such a long time again. :)
Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend while we were gone!

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SuzSpeaks said...

looks so fun Callie! I'm glad you guys were able to go!