Thursday, September 23, 2010

Meet the teacher... and the Principal... and...

My little Gibson is getting close to being in Pre-K. As most of you know he is on the Autism spectrum, and with his delays (which are getting better every single day) he qualifies to be in the Pre-K program for children with delays. We met with his teacher, the principal, the school psychologist, and two of the therapists that will be working with him all yesterday afternoon. We got all the paperwork signed, and he had a mini-evaluation. Once we get our IEP (Individual Education Plan) in place sometime next week, he will be able to start Pre-K. I cant believe this day is already upon us. Its a year earlier than most kids so I feel like that's why it has snuck up on us so quickly. I am very excited to see him get into a class where he can learn many new things from an amazing teacher.
We also met with some good family friends who work with children that evaluated Gibson and gave us a long list of resources to contact to get Gibson into some more therapy. We cant wait to get him started in additional therapy, especially since he has made so much progress in just the last 10 months. He is talking so much now that sometimes I just want him to be quiet... actually I don't think I would ever want him to be quiet. He went TOO long without talking. I will keep everyone updated on our progress with school and therapy. Its going to be a long, busy and hopefully educational year for all of us!!

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Hayes Fam ♥ said...

How exciting! He is so precious! Love the curls!!!