Thursday, August 12, 2010

Out on the boat

We had an awesome time out on the boat with Granddaddy on our last day at the lake. Gibson hasnt been out on a boat since he was 9 months, and Chad has never been on one. They both were a little apprehensive at first but then they decided it was pretty fun. Here are some pictures of our time out on the boat.
Getting ready to leave Granddaddy's dock Chad was a bit unsure about the whole thing

When the motor went on Chad started crying, but then he decided it wasn't so bad after all

Once we were out of the no-wake zone and started going Gibson was a bit scared, but quickly calmed down again.
All three of my amazing boys! I love them so much!!
Daddy and Bug

Chad kept trying to get in the water. He loved being in the lake!
Bug and Mommy enjoying the ride!
Granddaddy letting Gibson sit in the captains seat with him.
This was absolutely precious!
Chad didn't know what to think about the wind

Bug is getting sleepy!

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