Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Saint Patty's Day!

So last night, in celebration of St. Patrick's Day we went to good ole Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner where I had the most amazing Parmesan Garlic wings! :) Makes me smile just thinking about it. Everyone was wearing their green, and they even had huge pitchers of green beer! I didn't partake in any of the festivities of drinking, but I got an awesome meal out of the deal. When we got our check after finishing the meal I noticed something stamped on our receipt... A Buy 1 get 1 FREE Ice Cream at Marble Slab right next door. Gerod had to inform me that the owner of this particular BWW is also the owner of Marble Slab... hence the coupon! I was craving ice cream anyway so this gave us the perfect excuse!
We went next door and got in line... my mouth was pretty much salivating at this point (I haven't had Marble Slab in quite a while). I ordered my "usual" Sweet Cream Ice Cream with fresh blueberries mixed in. The worker then informs me that they got rid of blueberries and replaced them with blackberries!!! Distraught at this shocker... I had to stand there like a little kid that cant make up their mind and try to figure out something else to get since I was set on getting my dessert. I settled on sweet cream with strawberries, but it just wasn't the same. Who would get rid of blueberries only to replace them with blackberries, which I might add, that I loathe!
My husband trying to be the nice guy he is said he would talk to the owner and tell him how upset I was at the change that I hadn't been informed of until now. Too cute, even though I know that if he does talk to him it wont make a difference, but still sweet none the less.

Either way we had a great St. Patty's Day! Too bad I didn't get any pics of my sweet little man in his cute green t-shirt!

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The Ratpack said...

They just need to give a pregnant lady what she wants, dang it! :)

our buffalo wild wings is right next door to marble slab too!