Monday, March 9, 2009

20 weeks... Half way there!

I feel like I look huge already! I am 20 weeks and 2 days in this picture... so I am officially over half way there! Can you believe it? I have been feeling kicks for a while now, but Gerod was finally able to feel it right before our plane took off from Vegas back to OKC. He loves being able to feel the baby move, I am sure it makes it that much more real for him.
We are still working on thoughts for the nursery and I will be making a stop at a really nice fabric store sometime this week to get some more ideas. However thanks to Sarah I have found a ton of ideas off of the HGTV website under the Rate My Space section. Thanks Sarah! I have already saved quite a few pictures to the computer of things I might like to do for Chad's nursery.


The Ratcliffs said...

You are welcome, girlfriend! You look sooo adorable pregnant! I'm so sad I couldn't see you this weekend, and touch your little belly! We will be back soon, though!

Two of a Kind said...

Could you be any cuter!?!? I am so excited to see you this weekend ; )

Suzanne said...

You are precious!!