Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lazy Sunday...

Gibson is unfortunately still sick. We took a trip last night to the after hours clinic in our area, because Gibson was throwing up all day, and we were concerned that he may become dehydrated. They tested him for strep and the flu, but he tested negative for both thank goodness. They told us it was more than likely just allergies, and a possible stomach bug. They gave him a shot of Phenergan and he passed out, and thankfully got a good nights rest. Today he was a little better than yesterday (he didn't get sick at all so that was a plus), but he was still not his normal happy-go-lucky self. We have his 18 month doctor visit tomorrow afternoon, so maybe they can check him once more to make sure nothing else is wrong. Poor guy fell asleep laying with daddy on the floor this afternoon watching a movie. My sweet sweet boy; I sure hope he gets to feeling better soon.
As for me... I am 22 weeks (and 1 day) along! I feel like I am getting pretty huge pretty quickly, but either way, I am thankful for a healthy pregnancy. Although I am still having some pretty severe allergy issues, they are beginning to slowly subside, and hopefully will be completely gone soon. Officially over half way to meeting our second sweet little man. Gerod and I cant wait! We are still working on nursery decor ideas, but I think we have found some good possibilities on fabric choices, and next weekend we may have to finalize our decisions on the furniture! I feel like we are much further behind than we were with Gibson, but as long as things start rolling soon we should be fine. Keep thinking about Gibson, and my health.... Hopefully we can both be back to normal before too much longer. I think Gerod is ready for a happy healthy family once more. Also we are both anxious to get out in the lovely spring weather with a trip to the zoo or the park. Once we are all better we should be able to get out and about!

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