Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday!

I kind of regret saying that I would make Wednesday a post about my weight loss. Not because I am not actually working on it, but rather because I am not usually one to go on about talking about my weight (except to my husband who hears me talk about it all the time).
I started everything off by downloading the "lose it!" app on my phone. It is helping me a ton because I can track all of my calories during the day. I can enter in food that I prepare, or food that we get at a restaurant and I am staying more on track. I have realized though that some of the foods I have been eating in the past are completely horrible for me! You think that because there are veggies in something that it makes it good for you... but there are lots of calories in things I didn't even know about.
Anyway... I am down 3 lbs (who knows if this is real weight or just water weight) but I am down to a number that I have'nt been at in a LONG time and its all from just one week of eating healthier and starting a work out plan.
In the area of working out I found an AWESOME thing on Cox Cable. If you go to your On Demand Free Zone and go into the Health & Wellness section you will find Exercise TV. This thing is AMAZING. I can work out to a great fitness video (there are TONS to choose from) and I dont have to spend a penny. Usually I end up signing up at a gym and then losing interest because its just one more place that I have to be and with two kids its next to impossible to do that all week long. So this is not only free but unbelievably convenient.
So I am working out, eating healthy and hopefully by the end of March I will be looking better too!

I am going on a trip to Kansas City for my annual Premier Designs Regional Rally and I am leaving on Thursday. I am really excited because this is the first year that our region is moving our rally to KC and I have never been there before. I only hope that I can stay focused on my goal and eat right and possibly throw in some exercise while Im there. I know that convention food isnt the best to stay on your diet but believe me I will try!

Until next Wednesday!
Hopefully I will have dropped a bit more by then.

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Adorably Distracted... said...

Good luck!! I just started weight watchers which is much like the calorie counting but with a point system! It's crazy to see how many points some stuff adds up to! Like a "low fat" muffin from dunkin donuts= 21 pts! that's my WHOLE day!! lol

Good luck with everything!