Saturday, January 22, 2011


I bought all of this for only $25!! It was originally $64!!
Some people aren't into clipping coupons. I used to be one of those people. I thought that the people that clipped coupons were weirdos that weren't really going to save that much money in the end. Then I went to a coupon class at my church. The lady that taught the class has a family of seven (2 adults and 5 kids), they used to spend over $1000 at the grocery store every month which is pretty close to what I spend for our family of 4. However this lady now spends less than $300 per month on EVERYTHING... produce, normal groceries, and toiletry items. I thought that this lady must be spending literally ALL of her time working on her coupons but I found out that you can do it all fairly easily. This was my first "real" coupon trip and I saved almost $40! That's insane. If I go to the store 3 more times this month that means I will save over $160 and spend about $100. I am sure there are a few little things that I need to purchase in the beginning that wont be on sale or have a coupon but in the end I will be able to save a lot of money. This is great for anyone in any situation... Married, Single, Kids, No Kids... Anyone likes to save a buck or two.
If you are at all interested in saving some money please check out the website you will fall in love with coupons and how easy it is to save money.

Good luck in all of your future money saving adventures! :)


SuzSpeaks said...

So awesome!

Jenny said...

I found your blog from "Two Shades of Pink." I am an aide in a classroom for special needs students. I enjoy so much working with these students. I read some of your posts about Gibson, and it was great to get a parents perspective. Looking forward to following your blog!