Sunday, November 2, 2008

Having fun with blogging...

Okay... so I am officially going to join the blogging world!

I am not the most technolgically savvy, but I think I can get by. I am currently working on getting this blog an updated look but am on a wait list to get it done.

Now onto the Black Family... we are doing great! Enjoying life and loving living it.

Gibson is ONE and growing and maturing each and every day. Gerod and I enjoy getting to see him learn new things each and every day and cant wait for more adventures for him.

We recently went to Haunt the Zoo where Gibson dressed up as Mickey Mouse, and was just the cutest little Mickey Mouse anyone has ever seen (although maybe I am a little partial since he is my son). We enjoyed getting to show him off to all of our friends, but didnt get out to trick-or-treat this year. We think next year will be better since he should understand the whole concept a little more.

We also went to a Halloween party (renamed: Neewollah), with our sunday school class friends and all of our many children. Gibson had a blast playing with all the kids, taking wagon rides, and searching for baby pumpkins. Gibson also won the cutest kid costume, and Mommy and Daddy were beyond proud!
We had a blast hanging out with all our friends, and watching the kids play all evening.

Afterwards we came home to watch the Tech v. Texas game... Gerod had to throw himself his own pity party when Texas lost in the last few minutes of the game. He agrees that it was a great game, he was just extremely disappointed in the outcome.

In other news... Gerod and I enjoyed an "adult only" halloween party at a friends house and had a great time. There was a "G" theme and everyone dressed up in their best "G" costumes. There were many creative people, and Gerod and I were not among those few. We dressed as "glitter" (which basically consisted of glitter on my clothing and body... couldnt think of anything else), and Gerod was a gas pump. We enjoyed an evening without Gibson, which is rare, but he had a great time at a great friends house for the evening.

My new passion... making this blog GREAT!

No more news to report... I am headed to bed before a long Monday tomorrow!

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