Monday, November 17, 2008

Black and White

We attended a friends "Black and White" themed birthday bash on Friday night. It was a fun-filled evening of getting together with good friends, playing Rock Band, and watching old people dance at "Friends". Happy Birthday to Sarah... we had a great time.
All the girls Gerod and I

The rest of the weekend was packed full of errands, shopping, and hanging out with friends. It will be good to get a break soon, but it wont be happening quite yet. I have jewelry parties Monday and Tuesday nights, small groups Wednesday, dinner with friends on Thursday another Jewelry party on Friday, a birthday party for one of Gibson's buddies on Saturday, and one last jewelry party on Sunday. Then it will be time to prepare for Thanksgiving, and the arrival of the Wright clan for the holiday weekend. :) Maybe we can get some rest somewhere in the middle of all the craziness!


Two of a Kind said...

I am tired just reading that!
Good luck with everything!!
And I LOVE that black and white pic of all the girls!

The Black Family said...

You and me both. I am just ready for some MUCH needed REST! ;)