Saturday, May 7, 2011

Piece Walk - Oklahoma

We participated in the Oklahoma Piece Walk today and it was a blast. We got to enjoy the beautiful weather and were able to see all of our friends. It was a great morning!

Gibson was so excited!
 Mommy and Gibson (this was the best picture we got)
Waiting for the walk to start!
 Not sure what this face is, but it sure is cute!
 Love him!
 Gibson LOVED playing the chimes at the music station they had setup. We may have to get him signed up for some kind of music therapy soon!
 Our entire group, not bad since we were a little behind on signing up for the event! :)
We had so much fun but we wish that Daddy could have been off of work to join us. That would have made the morning even better.

Next year Gerod and I are thinking about taking on the 5K together as well as raising some money and getting a team together for the walk. I cant wait for next May! :)

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