Monday, October 4, 2010

Lots going on!

There have been so many things going on lately. The biggest thing going on in our lives right now is Gibson getting ready to start school. I will finally be finished with his enrollment tomorrow morning, and then he starts pre-school on Wednesday! We couldn't be happier with his teachers, they are amazing and I can't wait to see their work in Gibson.
We are also working on getting Gibson into some outside therapy for both speech and behavior. The issue lies in the fact that Oklahoma doesn't recognize Autism as a "disability" so it could get pricey once we start outside therapy. At this point though we want to take full advantage of getting him as much therapy as possible before he enters kindergarten. We are very excited about all the changes we are working on and we cant wait to start seeing even more changes in Gibson. He has already made amazing strides in less than a year so we are anxious to see God continue to work and mold him into the person he is meant to be!
Chad is doing great! As always he is smiling 24/7 and laughing all the time. Lately we think he has been teething because he hasn't been sleeping as well as usual, but otherwise he is doing great.
I have been having some pretty bad back pain lately so I plan on checking our insurance coverage for chiropractor visits. I have done this once before and I didn't seem to be having as much pain as I am now. I am hoping that I can get this whole thing figured out because I am getting tired of hurting all the time.

I am really trying to keep the blog updated but it has been crazy lately with everything going on with Gibson, photography sessions and our recent travels. Hopefully things will slow down a little bit but I highly doubt it! I love keeping busy but sometimes I think it would be nice to have a bit of a break.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Callie BEAR! It's Sarita! There are so many sites blocked at work, but yours isn't, so I check in on you and your family regularly! =) Does TEXAS recognize autism as a disability?? I honestly think they do...remember, everything happens for a reason!! =) So glad to read about the progress Mr Gibson has made, and happy for you that you are pursuing your passion for photography! I can't wait to get to use you for my own photography needs, SOME DAY (still no news there! ;) ) Miss you Callie Bear!