Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Gibson's First Day of School!!

Gibson had his very first day of school today. He didn't cry or scream when I dropped him off which was amazing! Even more amazing is that his teacher said that he had a great first day! We are so excited that Gibson is in this class. He has an awesome teacher who is studying different ways to teach Autistic children so we couldn't be any luckier that Gibson is in her class, because the Special Education teachers are not required to take those classes.
I became "that mom" today... I took pictures by the car, all the way inside the school, walking down the hall, and even more in the classroom. I am sure people were thinking "That lady is crazy" but I didn't want to miss out on this BIG FIRST for Gibson. He has a long road ahead in his education, and we are so glad that he will be getting lots of help his first three years in school. 

Here we are in front of the car
 Ready to go inside Mom...
 Pushing Chad in the stroller... this has become a great tool for me to get Gibson into school/MDO without a fight. He LOVES being Mommy's helper, and he enjoys pushing Chad around. Too sweet!!
Walking down the hall to class 
 Checking out the kitchen in his classroom
His chair... Yes I took a picture of it! (hahaha) 
 Chad was worn out... he fell asleep in the car on the way to the school, and stayed asleep through getting in the stroller, going into and out of the school, getting back into the car, driving home, and finally getting into bed. Poor baby was TIRED!!
 Day one down... Many more to go! I cant wait till he can get in the car and tell me all about his day!
Have a wonderful rest of your week everyone!

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