Thursday, May 20, 2010


This is not SNOW... It is hail!! We had a really bad hail storm this past Sunday afternoon, and it looks like we will be needing a new roof. We just had the roof replaced last summer so we aren't looking forward to having to do it again. Luckily we didn't have near the damage that some people had, we don't have any broken windows, and since both of our cars were in the garage we don't have any hail damage to them.
This is Chad's 9 month picture with his bear... I am going to get the 10 month one posted very soon! I have just been so behind!! You can tell that the kid is seriously growing!! He is getting bigger every single day and is pulling up and walking along the furniture now! I know it wont be too long before he starts walking with the way he is moving right now.
In other news, Gibson is doing wonderful with his communication. He knows his alphabet, and can recognize not only numbers but letters as well... all of the letters! From what I understand at this age that's pretty remarkable! He is also beginning to use two-word phrases such as "Thank You", "shoes off", "good job" and "cheese balls"... lol. Most parents wouldn't think of these phrases as being important, but we think they are wonderful. He actually seems to be learning a new word every day, and attempting to say what he hears. Things seem to finally be clicking for him, and we couldn't be prouder as his parents!
Until I can get back to update again... I will leave you with a few recent pics of the boys! I cant believe just how big they are both getting!
Gibson sliding down the "big boy" slide at our favorite park
Saying his letters for me at the alphabet board at the park
He tried to help water the garden, but as you can see he mostly got himself... and the sidewalk... and the windows... but hey he had fun! Look at that tongue!
I love my BUG and his sweet smiles, and bright blue eyes

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