Monday, May 24, 2010

10 Months old... plus a few days!

I cant believe my BUG is 10 months old... we are so close to the big ONE YEAR birthday! This picture by far has been the hardest to get of him. He actually looks kind of terrified here but it was the best picture out of the bunch. Some of his 10 month stats:
Pulling up and walking along furniture
Walking if you hold both of his hands
Attempting to stand on his own, but still pretty wobbly
Eating up to 21oz of formula and up to 6 jars of baby food per day
Eating some solid foods *bread, banana, puffs, cheerios, cheese*
Sleeping all night long

Chad has two teeth on the bottom, and two teeth on the top, and one more on the top trying to come through which has made sleeping a little rough.

It is amazing how different Chad and Gibson are, but also amazing how similar they are. I love that they both LOVE to laugh and giggle till their cheeks turn red and they almost cant breathe. They are truly happy boys and always smiling! We are so proud to be their parents.

Soon to come... birthday party planning!!! I am already thinking about things we can do for both of the boys and things we are planning on getting them. I cant wait! Birthday parties are so much fun!

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Megan and David said...

He is looking more and more like Gibson! So cute!