Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My love for purses!!!

My friend Sarah recently tagged me in a FUN purse game...

The rules are:
*Post a picture of whatever bag you are carrying as of late. You CANNOT sneak into your closet and pull out some cute little things - we want to know the purse you last carried. No cheating! *List how much it cost - this is not to judge but for entertainment only. If there is a fabulous story to go along with your fabulous purse, let us hear it!
*Show all the contents currently in the purse
*Tag some lucky ladies to participate and then link back to this post.

This is my current purse... It's a Kathy Van Zeeland, that I purchased from Ross no less for only $30!! The Kathy Van Zeeland price tag on it was around $95. :) What a steal! I love it!!!

I recently cleaned my purse out so I got lucky that it wasnt full of reciepts and such from long ago. hahaha.
  • wallet
  • blackberry
  • makeup bag
  • headband
  • tylenol
  • Premier Desgins - business cards
  • gum
  • info about a professional photographer
  • pen
  • car keys
  • mirror
  • bandaids
  • glasses cleaner/wipes
  • 3 lip glosses and 2 chapsticks

I tag Lone Star Dobson's, Happy Chaos, and Two of a Kind.

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The Dobsons said...

Girl - thanks for tagging me - I'm going to try to play along today/tomorrow.