Thursday, April 7, 2011

Autism Screening

We had Chad's Autism Screening on Tuesday afternoon. During the screening the screener had him play with toys and tried to get him to interact with her in certain ways and she would score him. After the screening was over we went over his score. She told me that for his age he should score less than a 2.75 and he scored a 2.75. Since he scored right on the cutoff and because Gibson has Autism she suggested we get an evaluation because she is not certified to give a diagnosis.
We have already contacted Sooner Start, the program that Gibson was in until he was 3, and they should be contacting us for his initial evaluation soon. On top of that we will be contacting a few of the doctors here in OKC and possibly the doctor we used in Lubbock to get Chad evaluated.
I feel like we are going through deja vu here in our house right now. Chad and Gibson couldn't be more different if in fact Chad is also on the spectrum, but at least we know more about Autism and have a few more resources this time around in case we get a positive diagnosis for Chad.
I will keep everyone informed of what we find out.


Megan and David said...

Oh Callie - I am praying for you guys!! You have two beautiful boys who are SO lucky to have parents willing to do everything they can to let them succeed. Keep us posted!

Natisha said...

I'd like to talk to you Callie bout Autism. My name is Natisha and my son Kodan just had his 2 yr old autism screening and scored a 2.75 his OT in soonerstart said anything over a 2 is a risk. I'm waiting to hear back from his drs nurse bout the next step to take. He's our only child that got diagnosed with this. His 2.5 yr old brother Tatum doesn't talk like he's supposed to but was never tested for anything. I see that u guys live in OKC. My husband Jarod, the kids and I live in Enid. You can contact me at and we can go from there if u dont mind. Would like to know what all you have found out and if you can give me any advice. Thanks.